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Welcome Web3D 2015 Conference Attendee!

Thank you for registering. The Organising Committee is very glad to welcome you to the Web3D 2015 Conference in Heraklion,Crete.
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Conference Rates

Rates Up to May 10th 2015 Up to June 1st 2015 Late Online or On Site Registration
ACM/SIG/IK4 Members 400 € 450 € 600 €
ACM Members - Students 120 € 180 € 300 €
Non ACM SIG Members 500 € 550 € 700 €
Students 165 € 220 € 385 €
Registrations will be handled by ACM. Online Registration

In the scope of the worldwide renowned conference Web3D 2015, an Industrial Workshop will be offered to companies and individuals interested in knowing how the latest 3D technologies can be used in the Web. International Experts from different leading companies will organize several workshop talks to explain the latest technologies and to motivate the discussion with the audience. The program includes excellent talks (Wed3D and Engineering-Industrial Use Cases).

Conference Accommodation
Travel to Heraklion, Crete


Share and explore methods of using, enhancing and creating new 3D Web and Multimedia technologies such WebGL and HTML5 (which is a hot topic in Computer Graphics), Flash/ Stage 3D, X3D, COLLADA, and the MPEG family. The conference highlights capabilities and trends in interactive 3D graphics across a wide range of applications and supports research from mobile devices up to high-end immersive environments.

About Us

The Web3D Consortium is a member-funded industry consortium committed to the creation and deployment of open, royalty-free standards that enable the communication of real-time 3D across applications, networks, and XML web services.

The Consortium works closely with the ISO, MPEG and W3C standardization bodies to maximize market opportunities for its membership.

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